Payment method

  • You can pay with CO2IN using our app in selected cafes, restaurants, and other shops. A complete list of merchants who accept CO2IN can be found here.
  • CO2IN can also serve as a green company currency. You can accept it as payment for goods and services or as payment for an invoice received. From a tax perspective, payment in CO2INs is no different from payment in fiat currency such as crowns or euros.
  • Plus, you can use it to pay for company expenses such as team-building events, business meetings, office refreshments, and more.

How to pay with CO2IN?

  1. Download the CO2IN app and create an account.
  2. Top up your wallet.
  3. Buy enough CO2INs.
  4. Pay by CO2IN via our network of merchants.
Download the app

What happens when I pay with CO2IN?

Similarly to fiat currencies, adding a payment function to non-retired CO2IN credits expands the use cases for CO2IN, which grows the amount of CO2IN in circulation.

Because CO2IN is backed by EU emission allowances, any increase in CO2IN circulation (even temporary) increases the incentives for polluters to decarbonise.

In other words, the more CO2IN in circulation, the less emission allowances are available to polluters, which decreases their ability to release greenhouse gasses.

Selling CO2IN back for fiat currency reverses the climate impact, but in aggregate the effect remains positive. Note that CO2INs retired for carbon offset purposes cannot be used for payments or sold back.

Interested in receiving payments in CO2IN?

Contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made solution for your company.

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