Green benefit for employees

  • You can offer CO2IN to your employees as a company benefit by providing them with vouchers of any value or including it as a bonus as part of their salary.
  • The payment of a salary bonus in CO2IN is a tax-deductible expense.

Available in the following variants

3 tonnes of greenhouse gases

300 CO2IN

6 months carbon footprint of an average Czech

approx. 6 410 CZK


1 tonne of greenhouse gases

100 CO2IN

2 months carbon footprint of an average Czech

approx. 2 137 CZK


500 kg of greenhouse gases

50 CO2IN

2 weeks carbon footprint of an average Czech

approx. 1 068 CZK


Any quantity

Tailor-made vouchers

We will prepare vouchers for you in the quantity and amount requested.


How to use CO2IN as an employee benefit?

  1. Buy vouchers in our e-shop.
  2. Give vouchers to your employees.
  3. Employees then create an account in the CO2IN app and scan the voucher in the app.
  4. Employees can either keep the CO2INs to help our planet or pay with them via our network of merchants.
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