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As the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent every year, the speed at which carbon offsetting solutions take effect is critical.

Average personal carbon footprint

The average carbon footprint of an EU citizen is around 6 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Housing: 2.06 t = 29 %

29 % = 2,06t

When it comes to housing, both heating and electricity consumption are the primary contributors to carbon emissions. The figure is taken as an average per person living in a household of two and a half people.

Food: 1.83 t = 25.8%

25,8 % = 1,83t

Food production accounts for over a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, with livestock, fisheries, and crop production the most carbon-intensive.

Holiday: 0,82 t = 11,5 %

11,5 % = 0,82t

Transportation significantly impacts the size of your holiday's carbon footprint. Other major items are accommodation or food.

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Waste: 0,3 t = 4,2 %

4,2 % = 0,3t

Most emissions associated with waste are generated during its production. Their carbon footprint is further affected by whether they are recycled, incinerated, or end up in a landfill after use.

Goods: 0.49 t = 6.9%

6,9 % = 0,49t

The carbon footprint of the goods you purchase is primarily influenced by the place of production, the materials used, and their lifespan.

Transport: 1.61 t = 22.6%

22,6 % = 1,61t

Want to know the size of your carbon footprint during your commute to work or anywhere else?

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CO2IN offers an immediate solution to reduce air carbon emissions.

Because CO2IN is linked to emission allowances, its purchase prevents the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


Why use CO2IN

Take responsibility for your carbon footprint

CO2IN provides you the flexibility to reduce carbon emissions based on your unique needs and possibilities. Our app enables users to purchase CO2INs in any quantity by creating an account and exchanging money. By exchanging money for CO2INs, users can avoid emitting carbon into the atmosphere and help save the planet.

How does buying CO2IN reduce carbon emissions?

Contribute to the evolution of renewables

As CO2IN is linked to emission allowances, by purchasing it, you are also contributing to the Innovation and Modernisation Fund, which is set up and managed by the European Union. These funds then go to people or companies to support household decarbonization and the modernization of energy-intensive industries.

You can also pay with CO2IN!

Pay with CO2IN not only in Prague - you can pay in restaurants, fashion shops, snack bars, barber shops, wellness centers, and more throughout the country.

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How to get CO2IN?

You can buy CO2IN using our mobile app, on the official website, or via vouchers from our e-shop.