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CO2IN is an ISO certified voluntary carbon credit compatible with non-financial reporting regulation.

CO2IN is a universal tool for corporate social responsibility and a solution for non-financial ESG reporting. With new EU regulations on the horizon, most companies will be required to report on their ESG criteria. CO2IN can help companies to meet these obligations effectively.

CO2IN use for companies

Carbon offset

CO2IN credits offer a certified way of compensating for an organizations' carbon footprint.

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Employee benefit

CO2IN can be used as an employee benefit in the form of green vouchers.

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Payment method

You can pay with CO2IN through our merchant network as well as use it to receive payments.

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Why use CO2IN?

Immediately reduces carbon footprint in the atmosphere

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, the speed of carbon offsetting is paramount.

CO2IN's link to emission allowances ensures that its purchase immediately prevents emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

How CO2IN reduces emissions?

It is part of corporate social responsibility, and non-financial ESG reporting

Research has shown that corporate social responsibility, including initiatives such as CO2IN, is crucial in establishing and maintaining business relationships. Furthermore, it provides a long-term competitive advantage over companies that do not prioritize sustainability.

In the near future, EU companies will be required to report their non-financial activities through ESG (environmental-social-governance) reporting. CO2IN can serve as a carbon offset solution to help reduce their carbon footprint, which can be included in non-financial ESG reporting.

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How to get CO2IN?

You can buy CO2IN using our mobile app, on the official website, or via vouchers from our e-shop.