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CO2IN is the latest project of the Amper group. It is a tool that enables companies, individuals and municipalities to engage in the fight against climate change. CO2IN enables each of its users to indirectly enter the European market of emission allowances through a simple and user-friendly mobile application. By participating in the market, users can prevent the emission of a given volume of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Carbon credits or emission allowances are tradable certificates representing the right to emit certain amount of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent. In order to reduce the production of this greenhouse gas, the EU set limits as to how much CO2 certain industries are allowed to produce. If a factory produces more CO2 than it should, it has to make up for it by purchasing an amount of allowances corresponding with the amount of overproduced CO2. A company that innovated its facilities and now emits less CO2 may sell its surplus allowances to those producing more of the greenhouse gas. The system thus puts pressure on polluters while rewarding those who strive to operate more ecologically.

In order to constantly reduce the production of CO2, the number of EU ETS allowances in circulation is being gradually cut, and CO2IN is intended to enhance this key aspect of the system. It directly represents EU ETS carbon credits at a fixed rate of 100 CO2IN for 1 allowance, thus by purchasing 100 CO2INs you acquired one EU ETS allowance which has been withdrawn from the emissions market. Consequently, a polluter somewhere in the EU has one allowance less available to keep his current level of CO2 production or, respectively, the price of allowances rises. In any case, the industry is motivated to make their operations greener.

Of course it is. CO2IN basically acts as an intermediary, a tool to easily acquire EU ETS allowances via the CO2IN app respectively via the virtual currency. This way even private persons can participate in emissions trade which has so far not been possible.

When you purchase CO2INs via the dedicated app, the transaction will be registered in a banking ledgerbacked by blockchain. Also, your CO2INs will be based on the EU ETS, a system launched in 2005 and today a key tool of the EU's climate policy. Therefore you really don't need to worry that the EU ETS allowances will be abolished from one day to the next and your CO2INs suddenly worthless. The compliance between number of CO2IN currency and EU ETS bought from the market will be recorded on the blockchain. EU ETS allowances will be deposit on escrow accounts in credible banks under public terms and conditions.

The value of the CO2IN is directly bound to the price of the EU ETS carbon credits, which by the way has grown from around EUR 5 to approximately EUR 25 per single allowance in just two years. Because the number of traded EU ETS allowances is being constantly reduced, CO2IN is a deflationary currency by nature, in this respect similar to Bitcoin.

Just as with many other virtual currencies, you will convert your legal tender currency, say Euros or Pounds, into CO2INs through a payment gateway integrated into the CO2IN app. It's the exactly same thing you do on a daily basis whenever shopping online. Having filled your virtual purse with CO2INs, you can pay with them anywhere the currency is accepted, or maybe sell your CO2INs again. Via the app you will be able to monitor the price development of the EU ETS allowance which CO2IN is based on, and even communicate with other CO2IN users: “Hi Greta, just sent you a few CO2INs to support your next project, keeping the fingers crossed.”

Because you are aware of the climate change and its impact. With CO2IN you not only found an interesting means of payment, but also a way how to make a real difference in climate protection. Maybe you travel a lot by plane, also you buy goods shipped from all over the world. In fact, almost everything contains fossil resources or was at least produced by burning fossil fuel. By paying with CO2IN you can make up for it, limiting your carbon footprint in an easy and effective way.

Because you don't do things by halves. Instead of merely greenwashing your business, you want to make an actual difference by reducing your company's carbon footprint. Especially in combination with energy savings and renewable energy, CO2IN allows your company to easily achieve carbon neutrality. What could you use CO2IN for in practice? Well, you may for instance distribute CO2INs to your employees as a form of company benefit, maybe to pay with CO2IN in the cafeteria or for sports activities. Or use CO2IN for anything else you can think of.

CO2IN is very suitable for cities or in fact any kind of public administration or community, too. Again, it's about reducing carbon footprint and, in combination with planting trees, energy savings and renewables, CO2IN can make your community carbon neutral not by 2050, but today. You can just hoard CO2INs as a form of offsetting the CO2 produced in your city, but just as well actively use the currency in your municipal services operation. And why not for those related to the environment? Maybe you can offer your citizens to pay with CO2IN for municipal bikesharing, garbage disposal or alike by integrating the currency into the respective apps.

The ultimate goal of The CO2IN is to help to achieve equal and fair both environmental and market conditions for the business globally. Every ton of carbon counts the same in the atmosphere so everybody shall pay the same price for one ton of CO2. EU is considering the “carbon border tax”. CO2IN is here as a tool to start already now on voluntary basis. Every importer of carbon from non EU countries can be forced by its clients to pay for the carbon the same fair price as do the EU ETS subjects. The same principle should be applied inside EU of course so small heating companies shall pay the same price for carbon as the big ones e.g.

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