Carbon offset tool

  • CO2IN operates within the framework of the European Emissions Trading System, providing the strongest possible guarantee of effective emissions reductions.
  • CO2IN is an established carbon offset tool that can be integrated into your corporate social responsibility initiatives and upcoming non-financial ESG reporting requirements.
  • CO2IN offers a tailor-made solution for your company, regardless of size.

Available in the following variants

Small company

10-20 employees


20 KW/hr



Number of flights


Annual carbon footprint

15 t

from 2.900 CZK / month

Medium-sized company

21-100 employees


80 KW/hr



Number of flights


Annual carbon footprint

58 t

from 11.300 CZK / month

Large company

100 or more employees


160 KW/hr



Number of flights


Annual carbon footprint

115 t

from 22 600 CZK / month

CO2IN offers a guaranteed solution to reduce your carbon footprint

CO2IN operates within the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), which provides the strongest possible guarantee for effective emission reductions.

Launched by the European Union in 2005, the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) was the first major greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by charging for them through allowances.

A certified ESG tool

CO2IN meets the standards of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), making it a recognized carbon offsetting tool that can be used as part of your company's corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Moreover, CO2IN is in the process of being certified by TUV Nord to become one of the first environmental (E) tools for the upcoming non-financial ESG reporting requirements.

Customized solutions for every company

Whether you're an individual, small or large company, you can offset your carbon footprint by purchasing CO2INs that correspond to your desired volume via our website or app, which is not possible in the traditional carbon market.

Transparent, low-risk technology

CO2IN uses Tatum, a renowned and established US-based blockchain technology provider originally from the Czech Republic. Every transaction is securely and verifiably recorded in real-time.

In addition, a complex process is set up in the background to ensure that we as an operator, always have more emission allowances than the number of CO2INs in circulation (in the ratio of 1:100).This guarantees CO2INs are only issued when there are enough emission allowances to offset their carbon impact, ensuring all CO2INs in circulation are secured.

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How to get CO2IN?

You can buy CO2IN using our mobile app, on the official website, or via vouchers from our e-shop.