About CO2IN

About us

The idea for CO2IN was first conceived in 2019, with development commencing in 2020. We unveiled CO2IN to the public during the autumn of that year, followed by its live launch a year later. Since then, we have enhanced the app with a variety of exceptional features and introduced a user-friendly web interface, ensuring a seamless experience for all. Our dedicated team, led by founder Jan Palaščák, has been working on the decentralization, decarbonization, and democratization of the energy sector since 2008. We take immense pride in CO2IN's ability to offer a unique opportunity for individuals to actively manage their carbon footprints. Through CO2IN, everyone can effectively participate in the global effort to fight against climate change!

Why CO2IN was created

CO2IN was created as a unique fusion of fintech and sustainability, recognizing the importance of taking an active role in reducing society's carbon footprint. While certain solutions require political will that is hard to achieve, CO2IN allows individuals to make a tangible impact. Our goal was to create a scalable solution that enables anyone - from college students to multinational corporations - to participate actively in reducing emissions. We also wanted it to have an immediate impact, so we made CO2IN easily accessible to everyone. CO2IN makes it possible for all individuals to play their part in protecting the climate at anytime, anywhere. By utilizing emission allowances as the underlying asset, our solution has an immediate impact on reducing emissions at the source, where it is most effective. Because it is a market-based solution, we achieve emissions reductions in the most efficient way, creating a significant advantage. The effect is twofold, with the money generated from the allowances distributed to the states, where it is used to finance energy savings and the development of low-emission energy sources. The demand for tools to voluntarily offset the residual carbon footprint is growing at an astronomical rate. However, existing solutions often struggle with scalability as well as concerns about their quality. In contrast, we provide a trustworthy and fully scalable emissions reduction solution supported by a trusted and reliable asset.

Our Team

Jan Palaščák | [object Object]
Jan Palaščák

Founder, CEO

Tereza Ešnerová | [object Object]
Tereza Ešnerová


Václav Vislous | [object Object]
Václav Vislous

Product Owner, CTO

Rostislav Krejcar | [object Object]
Rostislav Krejcar

Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs

František Marčík | [object Object]
František Marčík

Security Footprint Manager

Ladislav Miškovský | [object Object]
Ladislav Miškovský

Head of Trading

Hubert Šváb | [object Object]
Hubert Šváb

CIO, Growth Manager

Šárka Kortanová | [object Object]
Šárka Kortanová

CMO, UX Designer

Matyáš Fous | [object Object]
Matyáš Fous

Content manager

Join us!

We don't have any open positions currently, but we're constantly searching for exceptional talent as our needs may change in the future. If you're interested in working with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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