With CO2IN, everyone can protect the climate

Regardless of size, every company and individual has the power to make a significant and immediate impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future.

How it works?

How is CO2IN reducing emissions?

Get a CO2IN

CO2IN's link to emission allowances ensures that greenhouse gas emissions are avoided when it is purchased.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The more CO2IN in circulation, the fewer emission allowances available on the market, forcing companies to innovate and move towards a greener future.

Do your part to save the planet

Fewer allowances available for "polluters" leads to fewer emissions in the atmosphere air, helping to slow climate change and ultimately saving our planet.

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Why should I use CO2IN?

By using CO2IN, you will reduce the number of emissions released into the atmosphere and help to fight climate change.

You will actively contribute to the transition towards sustainable and renewable energy sources.

You can pay with CO2IN at selected merchants or gift it as a voucher (either to a friend or an employee).

For individuals

  • A tool to reduce your personal carbon footprint
  • A method of payment
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For companies

  • Carbon offset tool
  • Employee benefit
  • A method of payment
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Where can I pay with CO2IN?

You can pay with CO2IN using the CO2IN app across our entire network of merchants, not only in Prague.

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How to get CO2IN?

You can buy CO2IN using our mobile app, on the official website, or via vouchers from our e-shop.