Climate Change

Limiting global warming is nowadays considered to be the most important task for humanity as a whole. European Union member states have set themselves the long-term goals of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. The United States have now undertaken a similar commitment. The CO2IN project is also intended to contribute towards achieving these goals.


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Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) that are generated by human actions. The average carbon footprint of EU-27 was equal to 6.7 tonnes of CO2 per person in 2019. The majority of the emissions originate from production activities. The member states of the EU-27 emitted 0.26 tonnes CO2 per person more to produce exports in goods, than it avoided by importing goods and services. The values pre-filled in the form correspond to the average values applicable to citizens of the Czech Republic and should be replaced by data relevant to the person filling in.

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EU ETS Emissions Allowances

The European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is the main European climate policy tool, enabling economically effective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. It covers all European Union member states, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. The United Kingdom, part of the system before it left the EU, is now beginning the operation of its own system, the UK ETS. The system currently involves around 10 000 installations in the power sector and manufacturing industry as well as airlines. It covers approximately 40% of the emissions produced by the states listed above.

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Education version

On August 30, 2021, the educational version of CO2IN was discontinued. In September, it was replaced by what is now the CO2IN app.


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About CO2IN

The key to tackling climate change is a fast transition to sustainable energy production, energy efficiency and fair market conditions for handling negative externalities. That's why we created CO2IN.

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Ekonomický deník / 24-9-2021 Je libo emisní povolenku? Nově jde koupit přes mobilní aplikaci.

Obchodování s emisními povolenkami bylo doposud doménou velkých korporací a států, český projekt ale vše mění. V současné době je v obchodech Google Play a App Store dostupná finální verze aplikace CO2IN, která zpřístupňuje oblast emisních povolenek i soukromým osobám. Už si ji stáhlo zhruba dva tisíce uživatelů, a jako platidlo CO2IN již používají první desítky obchodníků.

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Roklen 24 / 23-9-2021 Emisní povolenku si nyní může koupit kdokoliv díky unikátní aplikaci z Česka

Obchodování s emisními povolenkami bylo doposud doménou velkých korporací a států. Celosvětově jedinečný český projekt nově vše mění. V současné době je v obchodech Google Play a App Store dostupná finální verze aplikace CO2IN, která zpřístupňuje oblast emisních povolenek i soukromým osobám. V tuto chvíli si ji stáhlo téměř dva tisíce uživatelů, a jako platidlo CO2IN již používá první desítka obchodníků.


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Seznam Zprávy / 15-9-2021 Česká virtuální měna je jiná než bitcoin. Místo hodnoty nasává emise uhlíku

Česko má novou virtuální měnu CO2IN. Její držitelé však příliš nezbohatnou, jelikož jejím hlavním cílem je přispět k ochraně klimatu. Zakladatel doufá, že s ní jednou bude možné platit například za lístky do divadla.

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We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about CO2IN.

What is CO2IN and what is it good for?

CO2IN is the latest project of the Amper group. It is a tool that enables companies, individuals and municipalities to engage in the fight against climate change. CO2IN enables each of its users to indirectly enter the European market of emission allowances through a simple and user-friendly mobile application. By participating in the market, users can prevent the emission of a given volume of CO2 into the atmosphere.

What are carbon credits and what is the emissions trade?

Carbon credits or emission allowances are tradable certificates representing the right to emit certain amount of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent. In order to reduce the production of this greenhouse gas, the EU set limits as to how much CO2 certain industries are allowed to produce. If a factory produces more CO2 than it should, it has to make up for it by purchasing an amount of allowances corresponding with the amount of overproduced CO2. A company that innovated its facilities and now emits less CO2 may sell its surplus allowances to those producing more of the greenhouse gas. The system thus puts pressure on polluters while rewarding those who strive to operate more ecologically.

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Amper Group

Amper Group

The CO2IN project was developed by Amper, a Prague-based provider of services in the field of renewable energy. Since its founding in 2011, Amper has been developing decentralized renewable energy systems. Amper's key task is to enable cities, communities, businesses and individuals to effectively lower their carbon footprint and grant them access to the renewable energy market. This aim is being pursued by individual companies within the group, namely by Amper Savings (focused on energy savings), Amper Asset Management (active in the field of development, financing and operation of renewable sources), and ROAD to INTEREST, which operates the CO2IN project. Further subsidiaries of Amper Group are Amper Industry (responsible for the design, construction, installation and measuring of energy production facilities), and Amper Meteo (specialized in weather forecasts for the energy sector).

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